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Pupil Transportation Program

The mission of the Pupil Transportation Program is to apply transportation engineering principles and technology to the operation and management of multi-modal, safe and efficient transportation of school children. It is the only transportation research center in the country to focus on technical assistance and applied research for all modes of school-related travel. The key to the success of the program has been its partnership with state and local education agencies, agencies, universities, national associations, and private industries.

The Pupil Transportation Program pioneered the development and training of the Transportation Information Management System (TIMS). In fact, North Carolina is still the only state in the nation with a statewide implementation of this computer-assisted school bus routing system.

With this impressive track record, the Pupil Transportation Program moves into the twenty-first century to provide a positive impact on the safety, operations, and long-term viability of school transportation in North Carolina as well as nationwide.


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