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Washington Wildlife Crossings Field Course

"Creating Connections through People and Processes"

Sponsors and Planning Team

Field Course Hosts



Additional Support

Field Course Planning Team

  • Julia Kintsch, Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project
  • Jennifer Watkins, I-90 Coalition
  • Paul Wagner, Washington Department of Transportation
  • Sandy Jacobson, U.S. Forest Service
  • Patty Cramer, USGS Utah Coop Unit and Utah State University
  • Bill Ruediger, Wildlife Consulting Resources
  • Cynthia Wilkerson, The Wilderness Society

Field Trip Planning Team

  • Jason Smith, Washington Department of Transportation
  • Larry Mattson, Washington Department of Transportation
  • Brian White, Washington Department of Transportation
  • Randy Giles, Washington Department of Transportation
  • Jen Watkins, I-90 Coalition
  • Charlie Raines, I-90 Coalition
  • Robert Long, Western Transportation Institute
  • Patty Garvey-Darda, U.S. Forest Service
  • Karl Halupka, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Field Course Facilitator

  • Trisha White, Defenders of Wildlife

Conference Logistical Support

  • Caitlin Harris, Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project

Videotaping and Web Development Assistance

  • Eugene Murray, Center for Transportation and the Environment
  • Nancy Bailey, Center for Transportation and the Environment


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