Remembering Carol Cutshall

Official Announcement:

Carol D. Cutshall, 72, of St. Petersburg passed away Saturday, February 12, 2011. She was a person of many accomplishments including helping the environment and sailing the high seas. She received a B.S. degree in Resource Management from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and a M.S. degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Carol retired as the Director of the Bureau of Environment at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. She was a member of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academy of Science (emeritus), the American Planning Association, the St Petersburg Yacht Club Woman's Club, a past commodore of the Lake Monona Sailing Club, and a rear commodore of the Seven Seas Cruising Association. Her monthly sailing newsletters may be found at

Ms. Cutshall is survived by her loving family: husband William R. "Bill" Langlois; sons Michael Cutshall and Carl and his wife Brigitte Cutshall; step-son Grant Langlois; step-daughter Christina Langlois; grandchildren Jacob and Hudson Cutshall (sons of Carl and Brigitte); and brother Bill and his wife Joanne Dugle.

Friends and family are invited to a luncheon Celebration of Carol's Life on the 28th floor of the Bayfront Tower, One Beach Drive, St Petersburg, FL from 11a.m. to 1 p.m. on Thursday February 24th. Please respond by calling 608-334-0822 or sending a message to if you plan to attend.

Thoughts from Members and Friends of ADC10

Wayne Kober (former Chair of ADC10) - Carol served 6 years as Chair of ADC10. During her tenure, the committee maintained its high level of activity and continued be one of the strongest committees in the TRB Environmental Section and all of TRB. Carol had a strong interest in transportation environmental research and took the lead in organizing the Environmental Research Needs in Transportation Conferences in 1996 and 2001. Carol enjoyed attending the ADC10 Mid-Year Workshops and TRB Annual Meetings. Carol was an emeritus member of ADC10. Carol served for many years as the ADC10 Newsletter Subcommittee Chair/Newsletter Editor.

Carol served as the staff support to Chuck Thompson, the second Chairman of the AASHTO Standing Committee on the Environment (SCOE). Also, Carol chaired the SCOE Steering Committee. During her tenure, the SCOE members had the opportunity to provide significant input into the Environmental Streamlining/Stewardship Provisions of TEA-21 and SAFETEA-LU and their implementation.

Carol was one of 12 authors of the book, Road Ecology: Science and Solutions, Richard T.T Forman, et al, Island Press, Washington DC 2003, which describes the state-of-the practice in assessing and mitigating the ecological impacts of roads.

Carol's husband, Bill Langlois, was always at her side at TRB mid-year meetings and TRB Annual Meetings. We all enjoyed socializing with Bill and Carol. Carol had a passionate, but quiet and friendly leadership style. She had a talent for finding dedicated volunteers and motivating them to do great work. She had a way of not taking "no" for an answer when advocating change without creating casualties on the battlefield. Carol was one of the most widely known and respected transportation environmental professionals of our time. She was one of the original NEPA Knights who dedicated a whole career to improving the environmental performance of transportation agencies through diligent application of the NEPA principles and sound environmental analysis. She served as role model for current and future generations of environmental professionals. Carol overcame tough physical challenges to live life to the fullest and did it with class. I will miss her, but never forget her. Wayne

Alex Levy, Arcadis - I only wish I had the opportunity to know Carol better and earlier in my career, but I did know her as being remarkably tactful with her words and thoughts and - even as she sailed the seas in her retirement – Carol never turned-down a request to contribute as a paper reviewer for the Ecology and Transportation Committee.

It's still months-out, but maybe at ICOET and our TRB Committees' mid-year meetings we can find an appropriate moment to openly rededicate ourselves to the example of Carol's enduring legacy of service and excellence.

Bill Hauser, New Hampshire DOT - While saddened by the loss, it caused me to remember the many wonderful experiences I shared with Carol through our professional association. I considered Carol a friend, as well as a colleague; a mentor, as well as a fellow advocate for environmental excellence. Her legacy lives on in the work of ADC10 and SCOE.

Martin Palmer, ADC10 Member - I had the pleasure of working a bit with Carol when I was a friend of the committee back in 2000. Her leadership showed in all of what she put her hand to. She had a clear vision, complete confidence, and a real passion for what she did. I am much better for having known her and us for what she has given. God bless her. Rest in peace.

Paul Wagner, Washington State DOT - I met Carol in Madison when she was still with the WISDOT, back in the mid 1990's I guess it was…oh my.. We both taught modules in a transportation & environment course for engineering continuing ed. She had a gift for working successfully on the tough kinds of issues we all know about.

Mark Kross - (former Chair of ADC10) - There is not much more I can say since Wayne said Carol's tribute so well. I followed Carol in A1F02 (ADC10) as both Newsletter Chair and as Committee Chair. Though I struggled at times in both roles, Carol was always there with her well-thought and helpful observations and encouragement. She did get animated about some matters associated with events, but her persona exuded the calm professional demeanor that I thought was the hallmark of her character. And she expressed genuine joy whenever reconnecting with her TRB colleagues. The fact she still would travel from the Caribbean or the Gulf to attend our TRB meetings after she retired showed her belief in the value of the organization and in her devotion to participating with her transportation environmental colleagues. Those of us who worked with her have indeed been blessed. God bless Carol and her family. Mark

Susan Killen, PB - I met Carol at the very first TRB event I attend which was the 1993 meeting in Seattle – actually in the Westin Hotel where we will be this year. She and Bill were just married and remember speaking to them on the boat as went to have our salmon dinner. She encouraged me to get involved with the newsletter. It seems fitting we can remember Carol in Seattle at the summer meeting this year and know she will be there in spirit.

Gary McVoy, PB: For me Carol was our "First Leader". Through her grace, professionalism and personal commitment to excellence - she set the norm for our group and established a culture that reflected her personality. We honor her and keep faith with each other by continuing the work in service to some greater good...

Joe Crossett, High Street Consulting Group: I had the privilege of working for Carol in the mid-1990s when she oversaw Wisconsin DOT's Bureau of Environment and I was starting out in the field of transportation. Despite the passage of 15 years, I have never lost a tremendous admiration for her ability to juggle the policy and politics inherent in the world we worked in. As Gary McVoy said, she approached her job with a tremendous spirit of grace, professionalism and personal commitment that made her a terrific boss and wonderful mentor. Each year since she retired from Wisconsin public service, I have looked forward to seeing her at our ADC10 meetings and hearing about a world away from highways. It always felt like "coming home" and she will be greatly missed.

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